I'm just a girl who's finding herself ♥
I'm just a Southern California girl who moved my life up North to attend my dream school, Sonoma State University!
XOXO, Emily. ♥
Just because I miss my mommy more than anything. 💕 T-minus three days! 👭 @kerryravenna

I like sleeping because for a little while, everything goes away. Now that I’m awake my mind is going in circles again.

If I am such a problem for you then I can make your life a lot easier. You don’t take my feelings into consideration no matter how much you say I do. You don’t understand how much I love you, but you also don’t understand how much you fucking affect me.

I don’t care what anyone says.. I have the best roommate in the history of roommates. 💕 I love you!! 😽 @brookeyyygirl #boyssuck #soemotional

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